Litecoin – crypto currency, created in 2011, as an alternative to bitcoin. For the first time, the litecoin rate rose in 2013, since it received the status of “silver coin” and recognition from the Internet community. This is one of the most popular digital currencies. At the heart of the payment system lies the technology of blocking, which guarantees the speed and anonymity of transactions. In the network, the light-code data is written using a chain of blocks containing a hash. Silver coin, as well as bitcoin, can be bought or obtained with the help of mining. Both options require investments and not everyone can afford.

What is litecoin cranes

Crane is a platform that pays money for performing certain actions, most often for viewing advertising banners. This is one of the most common types of earnings on the Internet. All you need is to register and specify the details for withdrawing money. Pay is usually a little, but tasks can be performed throughout the day. Also on some projects there is a referral system, with which you can increase daily profit. Attracting new users, you will receive a bonus as a percentage of their income.

In our case, you can get the ltc for viewing the advertisement. The amount of payment depends on the type of assignment. For example, viewing a minute clip brought 20 thousand santoshis, and the transition to the banner 200 satoshi. Also on such resources there is a period of time through which it is possible to collect coins again. Usually it’s 20-30 minutes, sometimes an hour.

How to start making litecoin

We remind you that litecoin cranes are unlikely to become the main job, so consider them as an opportunity to earn extra money in your spare time.

First of all we go through registration. Specify only the mail, the identifier is the number of the .wc purse. To create it you need to download and install special software that is freely available. Alternatively, you can use online wallets, but in this case, additional commission will be charged for transactions.

For earnings, we carry out tasks that are available on the site. One of the main advantages is that the user can instantly display the received coins. You can work on several sites at once. Thus, the cumulative income will be much greater. Do not forget to visit these sites on a regular basis, on many of them the amount of payment directly depends on the activity. Also, on some resources, the administration conducts cryptocurrency drawings, in which anyone can participate.

How to dishonest lightcake faucets

Unfortunately, not every litecoin tap will generate revenue. Very often, the administration finds many reasons why withdrawal can not be done. Also sometimes, the minimum withdrawal amount is specially overstated. In order not to become a victim of dishonest sites you need to read reviews. There are a lot of resources on the Internet that cover this topic. Most often they have a rating list of sites, with feedback and characteristics.

It is also recommended to register with FaucetHub. This is a payment system that directly cooperates with projects and monitors their solvency. Data is constantly updated, so at any time you can find out the most up-to-date information. In addition, the service is used as an electronic wallet for obtaining earned litecoins. The only downside is that a small commission will be taken for transactions.