Dogecoin – is a cryptocurrency, created in 2013, an American programmer. The basis of this system is the same technology as in Luckycoin, which in turn is based on Ltc. This is not a direct copy of bitcoin, there are some differences at the heart of this technology. Initially, for deciphering one block, the reward was accidental. Now programmers have introduced a fixed reward for each unit. In the source code the number of dog-denominated was limited to 100 billion coins, but according to the latest information this restriction is no longer available.

What is a dogecoin crane

Cranes are the sites on which earn for the performance of a certain action. Most often, this is a preview of advertising. You go through the registration, specify the details for withdrawing money, then go to the main page and collect the bonus. Pay a little, but assignments can be performed throughout the day. This is one of the most accessible types of earnings on the Internet, which does not require any investment. Dogecoin cranes are exactly the same sites, only payment is made in the crypto currency.

How and how much can you earn in Dogecoin cranes

It should be noted right away that dogecoin cranes will not replace routine work, so do not regard it as a full-fledged source of income. This is a good option to earn extra money, nothing more.

First of all, we pass registration for free. To do this, you need to create an electronic wallet, the number of which will be your ID in the future. To create a purse, we download special software that is freely available. If you do not want to do this, use online services, but be prepared to pay a commission for each transaction. Next, specify the mail and proceed.

The essence of the job is to view the advertisement. Somewhere you will be asked to click on the banner or follow the link. Sometimes they will ask you to watch a full movie. The amount of payment depends on the job and the site on which you work. For example, somewhere you will be paid 0.5 Doge, and somewhere 10 Doge. There is an interval on the sites, through which you can again perform the task. Knowing this, you can calculate your income.

As mentioned above, they pay a little. But you can register immediately at several sites. In this case, the total income will be much greater. Also, the final result is affected by your activity. If you regularly perform the task, then in due course the amount of payment will grow. Some projects have a referral system, which can also be used to increase revenue. Invite new people and start earning more, getting a certain percentage of their dogmoney.

How to deduce the earned money

The most important thing is the presence of an activated wallet. The minimum amount of output depends on the project. The transaction confirmation period is approximately 1 day. The system is based on blocking technology, which guarantees complete anonymity and security. Also there are dogecoin cranes with instant output, but they need to be looked for.

How not to become a victim of scammers

Unfortunately, on the Internet, there are dogicin cranes, which lure people and do not pay the promised. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, read the reviews of other users. The Internet is full of resources on which you will find the rating list. Also, we recommend that you register with FaucetHub. He directly cooperates with many cranes and monitors their solvency. Also, you can use your account as a wallet, but be prepared to pay an additional commission for the transfer.