Cryptocurrencies are one of the most discussed topics today, because everyone is interested in how to receive money from the air in a literal sense. Notorious bitcoins collect around themselves so much hype, mainly because of its value – one such “coin” costs more than $ 10,000 and its rate is constantly growing. Obtain this currency on farms – computers with powerful video cards for faster processing of data.

There are some bitcoin cranes on which virtual money is given just like that – no matter how suspiciously this may sound. These are sites where you can really earn crypto money, but not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance.

What is more bitkoin cranes and what are the conditions of earnings on it Perhaps, earnings – too loud a word, because the user does not do anything to get a virtual currency. All that is required is:

Register on this website

  • Periodically go in and perform simple actions, like clicking on links, viewing ads or simply clicking on the “Claim”
  • Send a request for withdrawal to the electronic wallet you use

That seems to be all. And now a little on the pitfalls. First of all, it is worthwhile to know that bitcoin consists of smaller components called Satoshi. Sit down or hold on tight, because 1 bitcoin is made up of 100,000,000 Satoshi. It’s these pieces that are slowly and dripping into your account, if you use bitcoin cranes, so the question arises: where is the most advantageous thing to put a bucket under Satoshi? But before answering it, let’s determine who these sites are designed for at all.

Divorce for the ignorant or a good alternative to farms?

When they offer something without any special conditions, especially when it comes to currency, even the most gullible person will feel wrong. But before hastily dubbing bitcoin cranes with fraud, it is worth investigating why they exist at all.

Firstly, in itself, the mining of crypto-currencies is very costly (you just imagine electricity bills, but before that, even consider the cost of several computers with a fairly efficient graphics processor). Secondly, you need to think about where to place the farm, if, of course, you do not have a room or some other room. Considering all this, sites from which satoshes drip, seriously win, because:

  • You do not invest money (provided that you have chosen a free option) – you simply register and fulfill the conditions of the resource by clicking or watching commercials
  • No need to buy any equipment and puzzle over where to place it
  • You can register immediately on several such sites

Satoshi are accrued after a certain time interval (every 1-3 hours depending on the site), so you can conveniently combine simple tasks on sites where a share of 1 BTC is charged

How much can you earn in this way?

On average, bitcoins give slightly more than 500 satoshi per day, but this depends on the site. There are also those who promise 1000-3000 per day, but very often in such cases then do not pay users either nothing at all, or charge far less. Here it is worth to be careful – avoid resources, where they offer much more than in other similar places.

It is better to give preference to less amount of received crypto currency, but be sure that you will bring it to an electronic wallet in full. Higher values, of course, look more attractive, but this may really be a catch.

Why does someone pay users almost for nothing?

Even if you sweep out frank scammers, then still many may have a question – why should someone pay for watching videos and clicking on links. The answer to impossibility is simple – advertising. Typically, the best bitcoin cranes are great sites for advertisers who pay these resources for posted banners, videos and links, and they in turn pay you a share of their profits for helping you earn them.

Where to start, not to be disappointed in the collection of cryptocurrency

The main thing is not to feed the inflated expectations, that, after calling the week and looking at the advertisement, you will have accumulated 1 BTC, which you will immediately lose on the exchange at a successful course. If you know more or less reliable paid bitcoin cranes, which you are recommended, also take your time. First, pay attention to the free options to get an idea of how everything is arranged for them, with what interval the satoshis are credited and what limits are set for their withdrawal.

Over time, gradually move to paid bitcoin cranes, if you previously found out what the resources are, whether they are reliable or whether the earnings are high enough there. Thus, in time you will be able to accumulate a whole bitcoin, after which it will be necessary to start searching for a good stock exchange in order to sell it at the best price.